Flexible Human Capital

Best fit of staffing for your company includes the duration for which you are seeking a candidate's expertise. We offer:

Professional Staffing

Pedigo Staffing Services provides staffing that includes workers in Information Technology, Higher Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Accounting, Finance, Administration, and Management functions.

Executive Search

Pedigo Staffing Services provides Executive and Senior Level Searches. We takes responsibility for the initial recruiting, screening and interviewing contingent on the hiring of a referred candidate into a traditional employment role.

Temporary Staffing

Pedigo Staffing Services provides Temporary Staffing Services to businesses. The temporary staff provided are recruited, screened, possibly trained, and employed by Pedigo Staffing Services, then assigned to client organizations.

Contract-to-Hire Placement

Pedigo Staffing Services provides transition of a temporary contractor employment status. This may be on an ad hoc reactive basis where an employer finds that a temporary worker can fulfill a permanent job vacancy or a more formal employment service concept where a client com?pany proactively plans to make a traditional hiring decision during or after a temporary contract assignment.

Managed Service Provider

Pedigo Staffing Services takes on primary responsibility for managing contingent workforce program. We provide overall program management, reporting and tracking, and supplier selection and management. We provide a vendor management system and can have a physical presence on your site.


Pedigo Staffing Services can provide long-term commitments focusing on "win-win" relationships between customers and suppliers that add value to your team through increased sales, reduced expenses, and greater productivity.


Pedigo Staffing Services can provide the provision of longer-term temporary workers to your company where the workers have been recruited by your company but become employees and we provide the payroll services. Payrolling services are billed at reasonable markups.