DIR Web Solutions Services - Contract # DIR-TSO-2631

State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

Contract Pricing
Hub Subcontracting Plan

Web-Based Solutions Offered

Website Development: Our Web Designs and Development solutions help businesses portray their brand identity and get an competitive edge in the market.
Mobile App Development: Get the right mobile application for your business and accelerate your business mobility with our Mobile App Development solutions.
Online Marketing:Upgrade your online presence with a perfect mix of Online Marketing Tools and enjoy lucrative business leads.
Business Consulting: Our Business Consulting service involves thorough assessment to help you choose the right mix of e-solutions for accelerated efficiency.

Contract Overview

Pedigo Staffing Services has provided web-based services for 20+ years and has provided quality services to several agencies. We have staff available to respond to State of Texas agency needs. We create custom solutions with qualified staff who can successfully complete your project.

The Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services contract through the State of Texas DIR is an approved means of providing web-based solutions to Texas state agencies based on a negotiated hourly rate. Agencies may go directly to Pedigo Staffing Services, trusted, proven State of Texas vendor.

As a vendor of services to the State of Texas Department of Information Resources, Pedigo Staffing Services participates in a number of contract vehicles that simplify and streamline the procurement process. Ordering against these vehicles meets state requirements for full and open competition and assures that our past performance credentials have been thoroughly validated. These contract vehicles offer Pedigo Staffing Services the flexibility to respond to broad agency requirements in a quick and efficient manner.

Statement of Work

Pedigo Staffing Services Services welcomes the opportunity to do business with all Texas state agencies. Should you have a need for our services, you may contact us using the information provided above in the Contact Information section.

Product Catalog & Pricing

Product Name/Description



DIR Customer Price

Category 1. Website Design/Development
Project Management $105.00 10.75% $93.71
Graphic Design/Development $68.50 10.75% $61.14
Website Design/Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Application Design/Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Flash Design/Multimedia Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Database Design/Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Ecommerce Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Drawing/Sketching and 3D Illustration $82.00 10.75% $73.19
Microsoft SharePoint Development $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Web Applications Architecting $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Category 2. Website Hosting
Website Hosting Set-up $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Website Hosting Call 10.75% Call
Category 3. Domain Name System (DNS) Management
DNS Set-up $98.00 10.75% $87.47
DNS Maintenance $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Category 4. Business Tools
Legacy System to Distributive System $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Business Continuity $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Disaster Recovery $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Security & Security Audit $128.00 10.75% $114.24
ERP Interface: Peoplesoft, SAP $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Category 5. Email Hosting
Email Hosting Set-up $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Email Hosting Call 10.75% Call
Category 6. Accessibility
Section 508 Compliance & Audit $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Category 7. Web Contect Management
Web Content $98.00 10.75% $87.47
Category 8. Maintenance, Training, & Support
Web Productivity/Collaboration Tools Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Section 508 Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
HTML Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Java and/or Programming Language Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Social Media Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Microsoft SharePoint Designer Training $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Maintenance $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Training & Support $128.00 10.75% $114.24
Category 9. Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Consulting $128.00 10.75% $114.24

HUB Certification

Pedigo Staffing Services is HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) as Female Woman Owned.

For more information on the DIR Staffing Services Titles - Full Descriptions, please visit the DIR IT Staffing Services website.

Contact Information

For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information, please contact Pedigo Staffing Services Services at our San Antonio office.

Our address and phone number are:
Contact: Debbie Pedigo
Address: 9504 IH35 North
Suite 301-2, San Antonio, Texas 78233
Office: 210.401.4501
Mobile: 210.845.3348
E-mail: debbiep@pedigostaffing.com

For more information on the DIR program, please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program website.

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