Pedigo Staffing Services, LLC is an S-Corp Texas Limited Liability Corporation owned by Debbie Pedigo. 20+ years of staffing experience in temporary staffing and executive searches, Pedigo is very well networked and respected by many executives as their preferred recruiter.


Pedigo Staffing Services, boutique, elite talent acquisition service specializes in contract, contract to hire, and permanent placement for Information Technology, Engineering, Higher Education, Administration, Management, and Accounting.


High-Caliber Administration + Proficient Employees / Candidates + Fun & Engaging Work Culture = Client Partnership & Satisfaction

Fun & Engaging Work Culture: Contributes to the community by filling a need for permanent placement and contract staffing, while inspiring enthusiasm in the work place.

Client Partnership & Satisfaction: Enriches clients' profits with strategic partnerships by listening to needs and customizes personnel solutions.

High-Caliber Administration: Provides our high-caliber administration with a transparent culture to encourage progression and highest level of ethics through integrity, competence, innovation, and execution.

Proficient Employees/Candidates: Connects clients with proficient employees creating a "Win-Win" solution.

Recruiting Methodology:

Candidate Search

Pedigo Staffing Services utilizes web-based applicant tracking system through cloud computing. Our administrators have virtual offices capable of retrieving and reviewing our database of employees on the cloud from any computer device worldwide. Our applicant tracking system allows our administrators to perform spontaneously to client requests.

Pedigo Staffing Services administrators meet with the client's human resource staff, department heads, and supervisors, to outline the requirements of job classification. We document the skills specifications and required experience. The process enables our staffing administrators to understand skill set match. It also allows the administrator to detail to the candidate the client culture and environment accurately.

Candidate Process

Candidates will complete a thorough screening process: one-on-one interviews, performance testing, reference verification, skills evaluation and testing, drug screening, and background checks.

Ensuring satisfaction of contracting staff and client in a harmonious assignment is our objective. Quality control systems are implemented throughout the contracting life cycle. First day contractor and client calls are conducted for performance assessment and feedback calls. Pedigo Staffing Services is committed to fulfilling contracting needs to client expectations and specific needs.

Candidate must complete an extensive evaluation and screening process. We have developed unique performance testing methods that guarantee the client top quality IT talent. We evaluate candidates carefully and make objective appraisal on soft skills: ability, experience, willingness, attitude, dependability, flexibility, poise, and professionalism. Technical skills specific to the contract is crucial and we evaluate thoroughly on computer and information technical skills, and methodologies.

One-on-One Interview Screening

Pedigo Staffing Services administrators' techniques are unparalleled with multiple years of experience in both information technology and human resources. Our one-on-one interviewing process begins by putting the applicant at ease with common IT and computer experiences. Our experience has shown that when an applicant is comfortable during interview, he/she provides more information and communicates more openly.

Pedigo Staffing Services administrators actively listens with open-ended questioning ,guiding the applicant through his or her work history and details in the resume, Allowing the applicant to describe past work experience and job descriptions is far more effective in assessing individual qualifications. Scenario questions are asked to separate the "Geek " from the "WannaBe Geek ". The true "Geek" will give details of their personal tasks and accomplishments. Where a "WannaBe Geek" will be vague about their specific role on the assignment and/or use the teams accomplishments as the focal point of the conversation. The goal in the evaluation of past work history is to identify the level and scope of each position held. In addition, each applicant is questioned for specific details of his or her educational background. Training and certifications are crucial to an IT person, and we indulge the candidate to give details.

Pedigo Staffing Services screening assessment identifies specific skill level and the depth of knowledge. Our objective is to assess the candidate's true role in the IT SDLC. We perform this with a unique IT Technical Overview Evaluation. Kenexa/ProveIt is an online skills evaluation. Kenexa/ProveIt is not thorough enough on the most cutting edge IT skills evaluation, but can be used for evaluating basic understanding like subnetting, loops, methodologies, and customer service ability.

Reference Checking

During the application process, Pedigo Staffing Services personally verifies job history via telephone interviews with previous employers. When verifying employment history, we gain insight into the applicant's work style, confirm skill assessments, and determine suitability of employment. We can also verify education if necessary.